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CP Road

Compact yet powerful

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Impact energy


Blow frequency



Ergonomic design

Vibration-reducing handles allow operators to work longer with less fatigue. Hand throttle also provides excellent control.

Easy set-up and handling

The compact, portable design requires no cables, hoses or external power sources. It´s ideal for applications where you change locations frequently.

Quick start

Spring-loaded kill switch springs back into the starting position, so the tool is ready when you pull the cord on the recoil start.

High power

The breaker delivers a combination of high percussive energy and high blow frequency to help you get the job done faster.

Front exhaust

Exhaust is ported at the front of the tool, away from the operator.

Service access

Top compartment opens for easy access to change the filter.

Compact yet powerful

CP Road handheld motordriven breaker application
CP Road is the true heavy hitter in our motor drills and breakers range. The unique design combines an ultra-compact 25 x 108 mm shank with 60 J of power at the tool tip, delivering enough impact energy to handle silica-rich rocks and reinforced conrete.

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CP Road