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How to avoid pressure loss in your air line system?

Inferior couplings, wrong hose size or leakages can all be responsible for pressure loss. Check out how to keep the correct pressure setting and work at the most efficient level possible. 

1. Make sure to use use CP genuine couplings for the best performance

How to avoid pressure loss high quality coupling
Inferior couplings can cause valuable pressure loss in your air line system. Due to either long time use or no proper finish, they might be completely worn out, won’t create a tight seal anymore and thus won’t be able to deliver the highest pressure possible.

2. Use the correct hose size

How to avoid pressure loss hose size
For each application it's important that the correct pressure level can be used, in order to achieve the right prodcutivity level. Using higher pressure and volume in a hose which is too small, will cause frictional loss, which then will be followed by pressure loss as well. Choosing the correct hose size depending on the air volume is therefore crucial. Check out the table below to help you out in this choice.

The hose size should never be smaller than 25.4 mm. Over longer distances, even bigger sizes may be needed.

3. Avoid leakage from bad seals

How to avoid pressure loss leakage
Before getting to work, make sure your connections in couplings and hoses are intact and free from damage (unctures, holes, ...) to avoid leakages. Any leakage means a waste of energy and significantly lowers efficiency, resulting in higher operational costs.

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