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CPS450E skid electric air compressors in Schwing Stetter shotcrete application

India Portable air compressors

A perfect match for shotcreting efficiency

SCHWING Stetter India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment. They supply shotcrete machines to their customers for spraying of concrete in various types of tunnels, road, railway, irrigation, mines, HEPP and other civil engineering structures. Since 2015, Schwing Stetter has been using the CPS450E with 125 psi skid version compressor which is mounted on their TSR30.14 shotcrete machine.

In shotcreting, rebounding issues can derail productivity and project timelines. The customer was facing inefficient shotcreting output due to increased rebounding with a 100 psi compressor. After a detailed application study and demo machine productivity statistics, the Chicago Pneumatic sales team was able to propose the CPS450E125 skid version electric air compressor which has been giving the desired results. For shotcreting, a compressor delivering 400+ cfm and 125 psi is considered as an ideal combination and the CPS450E125 is the perfect fit. The CPS450E electric compressor also enables to reduce the rebounding so that the concrete sprayed on the surface is optimal.

We wanted a compressor which could be fitted properly on our TSR30.14 shotcrete machines so that we could transport both the compressor and shotcrete equipment as one package.

Schwing Stetter purchase and marketing department
With Schwing Stetter’s requirement for compact compressor specifications which should fit like a glove on their shotcrete machines that has specific dimensions, the CPS450E skid version electric compressor is a perfect match. As Schwing Stetter’s shotcrete machines roll out to sites pan India, the power of red in the form of the Chicago Pneumatic compressor prefitted on these machines, gets ready for some high velocity concrete spraying action to create stronger and more durable surfaces.

A strong service network and ease of service was also a key requirement since our shotcrete machines are deployed on worksites across India. The Chicago Pneumatic dealer network is widespread and this ensures support is available in remote areas and in different parts of India.

Schwing Stetter purchase and marketing department