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CPS 300-100 portable air compressors in BOP application

Application story Portable air compressors

A backup partner to depend on !

In 2021, Windlass Engineers & Services Pvt Ltd engaged in oil and exploration, deployed two CPS 300-100 diesel portable air compressors in their BOP (blowout preventer) unit as backup compressors.

In this application, 3 pneumatic pumps enable hydraulic pumps to generate 4500 PSI pressure for the BOP - Blowout preventer unit. BOPs are usually powered by industrial electric compressors with air receivers. Sometimes there is a power cut and hence the drilling stops. The need for an emergency power source then becomes critical for uninterrupted operations.

Chicago Pneumatic Windlass Engineers BOP unit

“We have been grappling with the problem of not managing optimal flow with an air receiver tank after a 100 meter distance and also needed to address the issue of a viable backup air supply in case of power outage. The Chicago Pneumatic team approached us with an innovative solution to our problem”

Ajay Vikram Singh , General Manager (Sales & Marketing)
CPS 300-100 portable air compressor in BOP unit application
Not only did the customer require an uninterrupted power source for BOPs on the rigs during operating hours in case of power failure, but they also required the correct air flow after a 100 meter distance from the compressor or air receiver tank to the BOP unit. After initial trials were conducted, the Chicago Pneumatic dealer team and territory manager were able to offer a unique solution which is not usually implemented in India. When the power cuts off, the customer now uses the CPS 300-100 diesel portable air compressor as an emergency power source. The CPS300-100 diesel compressor complemented with a 2 inch hose pipe ensures optimal air flow and pressure after a 100 meter distance.

We associated for the first time with the Chicago Pneumatic brand only recently with the CPS 300-100 portable air compressor. Initially we were apprehensive about the right way to use the suggested solution but the services and consultation provided by the Chicago Pneumatic team on the choice of the diesel compressor model as well as the correct hose pipe diameter has made it actually worthwhile to be associated with this team. Now things are absolutely fantastic! We look forward to dependable aftersales support as this application is very critical and our operations must go on

Ajay Vikram Singh , General Manager (Sales & Marketing)