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How to choose the right handheld tool?

The choice of tool determines the productivity, overall safety, and successful completion of the job. There are a lot of factors you need to consider for the choice of your tool: the application, the site conditions and duration of the job. However, with multiple options to choose from, getting it right is not always straightforward. Here we guide you to choose the best tool from our pneumatic, hydraulic, and motor-driven tools, considering all factors.

How to choose the correct handheld tool?


Choose for: Productivity and long duration

Handheld pneumatic tool graphic
If you have compressed air available on site and need to work on different applications, then pneumatic tools are the perfect fit as they offer a huge variety of tools. The tools offer a high power-to-weight ratio: they are light and compact, yet deliver optimal performance. They are built to last longer to use in any condition, and can also be used for longer duration. Besides reliability, these tools are also designed with low vibration exposure, so operators can use them for a longer duration with less fatigue and more comfort. Chicago Pneumatic offers a wide range of handheld pneumatic tools, including breakers, drivers, hammers, and drills, so that you can find the best match for any material, including concrete, clay, and metal.


Choose for: High performance and quick response

Handheld hydraulic tool graphic
If you need quick and easy access to your job site, and perform fast and efficiently, hydraulic tools make the perfect fit as they are compact and offer powerful performance. They come with great versatility, as you can use a variety of tools with one power pack, making it quick to switch between tasks. Suitable for short-term intermittent use, hydraulic tools can be used for up to four hours at a time. Versatile, compact, and cost-efficient, Chicago Pneumatics’ hydraulic range is designed for ease of use and simple maintenance. The power pack features a thermostatically controlled oil cooler, which enables them to warm up fast without overheating, reducing the risk of downtime. Most models offer a ‘Power on Demand’ feature, which saves fuel by automatically idling the engine when the tool is not in use and quickly speeding it up when it is required. Chicago Pneumatic’s hydraulic range features a comprehensive set of tools, including hammers, breakers, cut-off saws, post-drivers and post-pullers.


Choose for: Remote applications and short duration

Handheld motor driven tool graphic
If you don't have access to compressed air or you cannot take a hydraulic power pack with you, or if you want to do a job in a remote location for a short duration of time, and don't want to compromise on performance, the motor-driven tool is a perfect choice. They have a self-driven motor and offer higher portability. They can be moved with just a carrying backpack or a trolley and make a great option for operators who need to move around the worksite or respond to emergency jobs. Motor-driven tools are typically used for tasks such as quick maintenance jobs, such as breaking and drilling. The CP rail is the preferred and trusted solution for tie tamping by railway companies across the globe. Robust and durable, they are designed for intermittent short-term use for up to one hour at a time.

As these examples outline, each type of tool offers a unique set of benefits in the right setting. To find the right fit for your application, consider the working environment, the material you work with, and the task at hand. Find out more about how Chicago Pneumatic’s range of handheld tools can help you optimize productivity, efficiency, and safety.