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How to remove dust from your construction site?

Dust collector CDP 10

Our new CDP 10 dust collector removes all dust generated by handheld pneumatic tools before it even spreads on your construction site. 

Why? Because sustainable and safe operating conditions for tool operations are a must at construction job sites. Using the CDP 10 dust collector will reduce the exposure limit of respirable crystalline silica to the operator while performing demolition or drilling with handheld pneumatic tools. No more need to clean up dust after the job is done, the dust collector will remove all dust during the operation.

Just 3 small connections and the dust collector is ready to go!

The dust collector works with either one or two tool operations. Use a two-tooler conversion kit to use two tools at a time. Connecting all parts together is easy and quick, just 3 steps are required.

  1. Connect the compressor (A7)
  2. Connect the tools suction hose (A3) 
  3. Connect the dust collection bag (A4) 

You are good to go!  For more details, check out the entire set-up below.

Two-tooler conversion kit Want to work in the most efficient way possible? Use two breakers, or one breaker and a rock drill at a time on our CDP 10 and enjoy our dust collector to remove all construction dust to the max. Order the "two-tooler conversion kit" as an add-on to the standard kit for a complete package.

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