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HEP Industrie integrates CP dual pressure compressors on their utility vehicles

Portable air compressors

When the French government launched the Optical fiber for all project, HEP Industrie, a French based utility vehicle supplier, started to look for a partner that could provide a compact and reliable compressed air source. HEP Industrie is a company based at the foot of the Pyrenees in Tarbes; specialized in digger derricks and pulling winches for power and telephone lines. Recently the French government started the major Optical fiber for all project to cover 70% of the telecom sector through optical fiber by 2022. This triggered HEP Industrie to develop technical and economical solutions to support their customers.

Integrated efficiency for the win

CPS 11-10 utility compressor on vehicle application
HEP Industrie started looking for a solution that would offer the possibility to drill to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters, needed to install the wooden or fiberglass poles used to connect the telecom networks. Therefore, they were looking for a compressor that was compact and easy to use so they could install it on a utility vehicle. Since the terrain they work on varies, another requirement was a reliable compressor with multiple pressure settings: both 7 and 10.3 bars. Chicago Pneumatic offered HEP Industrie the CPS 11-10, a reliable, dual pressure compressor that changes the air pressure depending on the job requirements. Where HEP Industrie used to need several compressors, each with their own pressure setting; one compressor can now cover different amounts of pressure needed for multiple applications. This advantage is drastically increasing HEP Industrie’s productivity. Adding the compactness and the ease of use of Chicago Pneumatic’s compressors into the mix, HEP Industrie found their perfect match. They integrated 16 CPS 11-10 compressors in the utility vehicles of their main customers.

The right partner

CPS 5.0 integration on utility vehicle
In parallel with this activity, HEP Industrie found new opportunities for their business. They designed a new truck, incorporating a hydraulic pulling winch of power lines and telecom. Trusting the capability and proven efficiency of Chicago Pneumatic compressors, they integrated 3 CPS 5.0 compressors for the control of pneumatic air checks. Completing this set-up, a BRK 25D hydraulic breaker was added for demolition work.

We found a true partnership in integrating CP compressors in our product range. Chicago Pneumatic offers lightweight compressors with dual pressure possibilities, so one compressor replaces several units. This gave us an opportunity to increase the payload on our trucks, so customers could carry more poles. We experience the same effect on our pulling winches. Therefore, we can equip our light truck with a compressor and a pulling winch, whilst keeping the weight of the truck under the 3.500 kg, the French vehicle weight limit for a regular driving license. In terms of service, CP has proven its partnership too. CP technicians give us lots of advice and take part in trainings.

Lionel Aprahamian , CEO of HEP Industrie