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Easy service
Power Flex Frame
Environmentally Friendly
Large doors to reach all service points and side drain plugs on the frame. Equipped with a built-in aftercooler with filters, the electric fixed compressors reduce compressed air temperatures and prevent moisture build-up in airlines. Designed to allow smooth and safe movement across any terrain, while being 110% spillage free. Guaranteed to quarantine all liquids from the machine and prevent soil contamination. No emissions, efficient and ruggedized motors, low noise levels, and a plug-and-play design; you can take the E-Air anywhere.

400 - 900 cfm Compressors

Unlike diesel compressors, the E-Air Series of Electric Fixed Air Compressors can operate 24/7. As a result, your employees remain productive without having to stop and refuel. The greatest benefits of electric fixed air compressors are that they do not generate harmful exhausts, strong odors, or loud noise. 


CPS 400 E

CPS 400E 3

Free Air Delivery cfm 399
Working Pressure psi (g) 150
Engine Power hp (kW) 100 (75)
Voltage  V 460

CPS 500 E

CPS 500E

Free Air Delivery cfm 493
Working Pressure psi (g) 150
Engine Power hp (kW) 125 (90)
Voltage  V 460

CPS 900 E

CPS 900E

Free Air Delivery cfm 900
Working Pressure psi (g) 150
Engine Power hp (kW) 220 (160)
Voltage  V 460