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Spike Drivers

Chicago Pneumatic spike drivers are applicable for driving spikes in railroad, construction and plant maintenance applications and in tent erection. These specialized spike drivers are built to the same exact specifications as our heavy duty pneumatic breakers, but with an open front head without tool retainer.

Both Models are "Hushed Power" versions equipped wth a muffler.

CP 1260 SPDR and CP 1290 SPDR

Modern design for excellent durability

Four-bolted backhead - withstands rugged use

Integral oiler - provides continues lubrication

Swivel design for increased manoeuverbility

Heavy-duty front head polyurethane springs-reduce maintenance costs. The opening in the front head accepts a maximum spike head diameter of 1-7/8"

Spike Drivers


1,300 Blows per Minute, 73 CFM Air Consumption

CPS 1290 Spike Driver
CPS 1290 Spike Driver

1,100 Blows per Minute, 91 CFM Air Consumption