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Electric Light Tower

Our CPLT E3 LED Electric Light Tower has high luminosity and is a high efficiency LED 4 x 160 W, with 32,000 sqf illuminated area and an average of 12 lux.  This unit is compact and optimized for transporting up to 32 units per truckload. Easy for lift pockets and a lifting eye allowing for safe and easy manueverability during delivery.

This unit is a zero emissions, sustainable product ready to light your site!

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CPLT E3 Light Tower


  • LED CPLT lamps have an aluminum casting which provides heavy duty protection, even during transportation.
  • The LED lamps have a high CRI (Color Rendering Index) score (> 85 out of 100).
  • The specially designed directional optics of the LED CPLT range offer incredible light distribution.
  • Our LED CPLT towers achieve up to 32,000 square-metres of light coverage with an average level of 12 luxes.
  • LED lamps have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours.

CPLT E3 Light Tower


Light coverage ft2   32,292 (average 12 luxes) 
Lamps   LED
Mast   Vertical manual
Features   Electric
Performance data Units  
Rated frequency Hz  60 
Rated voltage VAC 120
Rated power (PRP) kW
Operating temperature (min/max)  ºF (ºC)  -
Sound power level (LwA)star w/neutral)  dB(A) -
Sound pressure level (LpA) at 7m dB(A) -
Floodlights   LED
Wattage W 120
Luminous Flux Lumen 4 x 16,000
Type   Manual
Rotation degrees 0
Maximum height ft (m) 23 (7)
Maximum speed wind mph (kph) 52 (80)
Enclosure and trailer    
Type   -
Base Frame   -
Enclosure   Hard Hat Canopy 
Dimensions and weigth    
Dimensions in transport Up-right Towbar (L x W x H)   -
Dimensions in transport - Towed (L x W x H)   48 x 32 x 84 (1.2 x 0.8 x 2.14)
Weight lbs (kg) 608 (276)