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Utility air

Smaller footprint

Easy to integrate

Stackable up to three units

Utility air

Truck air  pneumaticcompressor T110 side
The T110 was made for integration on utility vehicles. Thanks to their lightweight design, they're compact and easy to use. Single side service and the built-in corrosion protection make a perfect fit for your utility truck, no matter where you go.
Diesel   T110-7
Normal effective working bar(psi) 7(100)
Free air delivery l/s 47
  cfm 100
  m³/min 2.8
Max. ambient temperature at sea level °F 122
Min. starting temperature °F 14
Min. starting temperature (Cold Start Aid) °F -4
Model   Kubota D902
Number of cylinder   3
Power output @ normal shaft speed hp 25
Full load RPM rpm 3600
Unload RPM rpm 2000
Engine oil gal 0.8
Compressor oil gal 1.3
Fuel tank gal 5.3
Optional extended fuel tank gal 2.6
Length inch 62
Width inch 29
Height inch 33
Weight lbs 1102

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