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Extended Warranty Plan

Use genuine parts and warranty program to keep your machines running with easy maintenance schedules. 

CP ASPP Shield

Increased Uptime

Unmatched quality of parts and service on time

Bumper to bumper Warranty

Bumper to bumper coverage for the term of the plan

Great savings on parts

Locked-in maintenance pricing to protect your investment

Administrative savings

3 different delivery options! Select the option to best suits your business needs investment

On time service eliminating inventory

We do the planning for you! we do the scheduling for you

Eliminated investment peak

Filter kits and fluids included to comply with recommended maintenance schedule

Fleetlink Connectivity

Telematics solution Included with the contract

Fluid Sampling

500 hour engine oil sampling / 1000 hour or annual compressor sampling

What is the ASPP Extended Warranty Program ?

Chicago Pnuematic’s ASPP Extended Warranty Program is the umbrella name for after purchase maintenance programs that have the added benefit of extending the warranty of our portable products. ASPP consists of two different products  to protect your investment; increase your uptime by a maintaining reliable operation; eliminating unexpected peaks  on operational costs, and extending machine warranty.

We help you protect you and your investment!

Download Extended Warranty Brochure

Why do you need an Extended Warranty Program?

Experiencing downtime is incredibly stressful and disruptive. Our protection programs help you protect your  investment with a proper maintenance and keep your operational cost consistent.

ASPP CP Terms Graphic

Which machines are covered by the protection program?

After Sales Protection is available for all models of Chicago Pneumatic Compressors

What is NOT covered by the protection program?

Damage from miss use or abuse; Maintenance items like oil, filters, belts and batteries; Wear items such as tires, lamps and bulbs; Hauling expenses; Travel time or mileage; Overtime and/or shift premiums; Failures resulting from lack of maintenance. For specific details please see Extended Warranty T&C.

How much does the protection program cost?

The cost of ASPP varies both by machine type and plan desired. Your Chicago Pneumatic Portable Compressor dealer can advise you on the cost of the After Sales Protection Plan you are interested in.

Does the protection program extend any regular warranties?

The Chicago Pneumatic After Sales Protection Program time periods include the original standard warranty period of 12 months. For example, a 3 year ASPP provides an additional 24 months of Full Machine coverage beyond the standard machine warranty’s 12 month time period, for a total of 36 months.

Where do I go to check on my warranty or get questions answered?

Simply contact your Chicago Pneumatic representative, check in the Power Connect app or your local dealer. A machine covered by a ASPP can be serviced by any U.S. or Canadian Atlas Copco PTNA dealer.

What are the conditions or restrictions of the After Sales Protection Program?

ASPP customers are required to perform maintenance on the covered machine at regular intervals per the program maintenance schedule with the genuine components provided.