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Chicago Pneumatic adds CPPG Inverters to portable generator range

17 February, 2022

Chicago Pneumatic has expanded its range of portable generators with the addition of four new CPPG inverter models, which are designed for contractors who require a clean and reliable source of AC power below 3 kW at a moment’s notice.

CPPG inverters come equipped with a recoil starter that makes powering them up extremely quick. Due to their rugged design and thermal protective features, the new generators are able to operate capably in tough construction site environments and harsh weather conditions. They are available with petrol engines and either four or 10 litre fuel tanks.

The CPPG Inverter complements our existing range of portable generators, which reflect Chicago Pneumatic’s reputation for equipment that is robust and both simple to operate and maintain. The new models are incredibly easy to start and also near-silent, thanks to noise dampening canopies that provide operating noise levels as low as 65 or 63 dB(A) depending on the selected model.

Tony Calippe , Spokesperson for generator equipment at Chicago Pneumatic

CPPG inverter generators are available in 50 and 60 Hz variants, with the CPPG 2i / CPPG 2iW and CPPG 3.5 / CPPG 3.5iW providing nominal power outputs of 1.6 kVA and 3 kVA respectively. All CPPG generators have a strong main frame featuring extra reinforcement around sensitive components and a protected electrical panel. Sockets are also covered and recessed for enhanced protection. Additional features include user-friendly control panels and the option of an hour counter to help monitor maintenance schedules. Additionally, thanks to their simple handle design, the generators can be easily lifted or transported on wheels.

Other models in the range include the CPPG Professional generators, available with either petrol or diesel engines, which are built for intensive, all day operation. Users are protected by an optional Earth Leakage Relay (ELR) in both types of engine, while Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) is an option for models including petrol-engines to ensure consistent electrical output. CPPG Advanced generators benefit from more advanced features and additional protection to extend life expectancy and safety, making them particularly well suited to the rigours of the rental market. Alongside AVR, those CPPG models protect users with an isometer protection and thermal protection circuit breaker, as well as incorporating an intuitive instrumentation panel, electric key start and a number of alarm and shutdown options. Building to even higher standards, the CPPG Advanced+ generator is enclosed and soundproofed for the most demanding, dusty or heavily populated locations. Completing the range, the petrol-only CPPG Standard generators are ideally suited for private and professional users who occasionally need a portable generator. They are designed to provide stable electrical output and safe, user-friendly operation over a long service life and come equipped with large, reinforced fuel tanks, ergonomic handles and AVR.

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