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Complete On-site LED Light Tower

CPLT V15 LED light tower ensures the right light based on the site and space that needs to be illuminated.

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High productivity

Workers can operate safely in any ambient light condition. The CPLT V15 LED light tower features LED lighting technology and can light an area of 5000 square-meters while proving additional fuel efficiency benefits.

Hardhat canopy

Considering the harsh conditions that the light towers are likely to operate within, the new PE canopy ensures peak performance when needed while ensuring lifespan and resale value.

Not only is the canopy durable, but it also features easy service access with wide wing doors to allow easy access to the machine, including service components and drains. The V15 range also comes with an environmentally friendly frame that prevents any excess fluid escaping.

Safety on site

Even in the most demanding conditions, the V15 LED light tower ensures complete safety at site with four heavy-duty stabilizers and a level indicator. Designed for easy transportability to or around the work site with a compact and lightweight design, the light tower can be transported with the mast in the vertical position, allowing safer transportation and installation.

“These light towers provide complete peace of mind when it comes to even the most demanding job site” says a Chicago Pneumatic spokesperson.

The CPLT V15 light tower range offers customers the best of both options – to fit their needs exactly and give them the most efficient product for their site – along with offering great value for money.

To find out more about Chicago Pneumatic LED light towers for your application needs, download the brochure now !