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Hydraulic breakers

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Range of models

Whatever the job, large or small, light or heavy, we have the right tool in its breaker range.

Operator friendly design (VR)

Our vibration reduced (VR) models offer the same breaking performance with added vibration reduction. Thanks to this, the operator knows more comfort for a higher productivity and will literally feel the difference whilst breaking.

High power

Powerful, reliable performance day in and day out.

BRK 40 VR - Lightweight

The perfect choice for indoor and outdoor renovation and demolition jobs, BRK 40 breakers have a good impact energy combined with a high frequency, at a comparable low-weight.

BRK 50 VR - Medium weight

BRK 55 breakers are the ideal choice for road building and maintenance applications.

BRK 70 VR - Heavy-duty

Get the job done, fast! BRK 70 breakers are ideal for heavier jobs in tough materials such as asphalt, frozen soil, and reinforced concrete.

BRK 95 VR - Super heavy-duty

Handheld breakers don’t get much more powerful than this. Ideal for breaking heavy asphalt, reinforced concrete and foundations.

The right breaker for each application

Handheld hydraulic breaker application
Looking for flexibility or raw power? Our hydraulic breakers give you both. The range includes flexbile, lightweight models up to super heavy-duty models hitting as hard as a small rig-mounted breaker with a high impact rate for increased productivity.

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Product variations

BRK 40 VR; BRK 55 VR; BRK 70 VR; BRK 95 VR