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Power packs

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Fuel savings

Many models are equipped with Power On Demand. This system automatically idles the engine when the tool is not being used and speeds it up when the tool is activated, saving fuel and keeping noise to a minimum.

Easy operation

The variable-flow on/off valve enables simple tool change and slow startup. A gauge shows when it’s time to change the filter.

Compact and portable

Two people can lift the hydraulic power pack into a van for site-to-site transportation. On-site, it can easily be wheeled around by one person using the convenient foldable handle.

Our power packs

CP hydraulic power packs are available in petrol and diesel.?The thermostatically controlled oil cooler gives fast warm-up and you get correct working temperature within minutes - even during winter.?Photographed in USA
Our hydraulic power pack gives you excellent convenience to power the tools you need and get to work right away. Our power packs are both a cost effective choice and a reliable source of power. They are available in gasoline, diesel or electrically driven versions and are designed to provide portable power for a wide range of applications in the 20-40 l/min at 140-172 bar range.

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Product variations

PAC E 6; PAC P9; PAC P13; PAC P18-30; PAC P18+