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Post drivers

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T version

Our T version has the trigger function mounted directly on the driver for short post driving.

RV version

RV version is equipped with an On/Off valve mounted at the end of a 2m long tail hose, for remote operation on long poles.

All conditions

Whatever the ground condition or material, whether it’s soft soil or rock-hard asphalt, our post driver will drive down your posts in record-breaking time.

PDR 30 T

Lightweight, high-frequency driver with built in trigger handle for fast driving.

PDR 75

All-around driver, suitable for post driving, anchoring and fencing.

PDR 95

Heavy-duty driver for driving large posts in the toughest sand or soil conditions.

Driving force with total ease

Chicago Pneumatic handheld hydraulic post driver application image
Driving down posts or rods for fences, road signs, crash barriers, tent anchors, or other purposes calls for a tough machine with plenty of power. Post drivers deliver, whether it's in soft soil or rock-hard asphalt. The sheer force of the blows is impressive, so you can drive down posts in record time with virtually no effort.

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Product variations

PDR 30 T; PDR 75 T; PDR 75 RV; PDR 95 T; PDR 95 RV