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Large doors to reach all service points and side drain plugs on the frame. Equipped with a built-in aftercooler with filters, the electric fixed compressors reduce compressed air temperatures and prevent moisture build-up in airlines.  The compressors utilize Chicago Pneumatic’s C111 which element is directly driven from the diesel engine with a fiber disc coupler.  No gear box means less horse power required to produce the same volume of compressed air.   These compressors are driven by a liquid-cooled, three-and-four-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The engine’s power is transmitted to the compressor element through a heavy-duty coupling. 

Utility Air Compressors

The Chicago Pneumatic Utility Air Compressors are composed of silenced, single-stage, oil-injected screw compressor, and are powered by liquid-cooled diesel engines.

Our units consist of high efficient compressor elements, diesel engines, cooling, air/oil separation and control systems – and all are enclosed within silenced CPS strong steel canopy.


Utility Air Compressor Range

CPS 185 KDU Utility Air Compressor
CPS 185 KDU Utility Air Compressor

Up to 185 cfm // 100 psi // Kubota Diesel Engine // 2115 lbs.

CPS T110 Utility Air Compressor
CPS T110 Utility Air Compressor

Up to 95 cfm // 100 psi // Kubota Diesel Engine // 1102 lbs.