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CPS 300-100 portable air compressor for in-well horizontal drilling

India Portable air compressors

Drilling deep into India’s farmlands

A first-time customer for portable air compressors, Mr. Bhausaheb Popat Fartade, an independent contractor in Rashin, Ahmednagar, started reaping productivity and cost benefits by switching from tractor mounted to portable air compressors.

In-well horizontal drilling is an application mainly seen in rural areas. In farms, big wells are required with atleast 20 feet diameter and 100 to 200 feet depth. After the well digging is completed, horizontal drilling at the walls of the well commences. This is so that the water source on the sides of the well can enter the well through small canals. These small canals get created on the walls of the well through this horizontal drilling action. This maintains the water table at an optimal level. The jack hammers require constant and reliable air flow from compressors to ensure drilling efficiency.

In the past, this customer was using tractor mounted 100 cfm and 5 bar pressure piston compressors for this application where only one jack hammer could be used in drilling operations. Now, with just one CPS300-100 compressor, the customer can operate 3 jack hammers. This has brought in substantial savings as he does not need to invest in two additional tractor mounted piston compressors.

With the CPS300-100 compressor, I get three times more cost savings and 30% higher productivity. For me the choice is clear, the cost of 3 tractors and 3 piston compressors which are low on efficiency versus the high performance and cost of just one CPS300-100 portable air compressor.

Mr. Bhausaheb Popat Fartade , Independent contractor in Rashin, Ahmednagar

Chicago Pneumatic air compressors far outperform the piston compressors used on the tractor which only gives pulsating air flow. Uninterrupted air flow @ 300 cfm and higher pressure @ 7 bar is offered by the CPS 300-100 portable air compressor which increases the drilling speed of the jack hammer operations by 30%.

The good service response of the local Chicago Pneumatic dealer is very well known in the area.

Mr. Bhausaheb Popat Fartade further adds

Service at the doorstep for these remote farm locations is very crucial and Chicago Pneumatic has the reach and skill with an established strong dealer network across India.