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The place where passionate people like you get in touch with the latest industry trends and groundbreaking ideas when it comes to air, power and flow solutions.

Find all the air, power and flow trends you are looking for in one place.
We encourage passionate people like you to perform your best! We offer you blog posts, videos and much more to help you get the best results and suceed in your challenges.

Empowering you with our top-notch blog

Great ideas accelerate innovation. At Chicago Pneumatic Power Technique we turn industrial ideas into leading-edge technology in air, power and flow solutions. More than that, we are proud to share all the knowledge we have acquired throughout the years with our customers and with all the readers who are eager to learn and master the technologies applied in our industry. 

The Air, Power and Flow blog is a central part of our content hub as it brings relevant and useful posts, connecting our passionate engineers directly with you. We are certain that using their expertise, you will be able to add true value to your business.

Our set of posts will always aim to discuss a topic from various perspectives, presenting useful content such as how-to articles, checklists, tips, case studies, infographics, videos, and much more. We will cover all types of questions related to dewatering pumps, handheld tools, high-pressure boosters, light towers, mobile compressors and power generators across all the different industries we serve like construction, emergency relief, events, manufacturing, mining, power plants, oil and gas, petrochemical, water well, utilities, among others.

Get ready to embark upon this journey with us and get mind-blowing insights for your business!