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CP24A rock drill in underwater drilling for bridge construction

India Handheld pneumatic equipment

Building bridges with efficient and reliable underwater drilling !

A loyal customer since 2011, a positive experience with CPS325 HD portable air compressors, paved the way for demos of the CP24A with proven benefits over local rock drills.

During bridge construction work, when piling application is in progress, underground water seeps into the pillar structure and the boulders under the water need to be broken down through drilling and blasting.

M/S Raghunath Construction located in Bhanjanagar, Odisha, are bridge construction experts. Local rock drills which were used by them in the past were not giving the desired productivity. The CP24A rock drill is designed for drilling on surface, underground and underwater and is robust, lightweight and easy to operate. This is a low maintenance product because the machine uptime is high and parts are easy to change, ensuring low service cost. After using the CP24A rock drill, the durability and performance of these drills ensured high efficiency bridge well sinking and underwater drilling for M/S Raghunath Construction. M/S Raghunath Construction is also using IDS (Chicago Pneumatic genuine drill rods) with the CP24A rock drill. This ensures high uptime due to the high quality and durability of the drill rods. We look forward to contributing to building stronger bridges in India.

Within 1 or 2 hours of scheduled drilling time, local rock drills were facing breakdown issues and underperforming on drilling rate. The CP24A rock drill ensures uninterrupted operations in the drilling time and has demonstrated high underwater drilling rates which are 3 times more than local competition

Mr. Jagamohan Patra , Business Partner, M/S Raghunath Construction