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Truck air

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Spillage free frame with centralized drain

Anti-corrosion protection

Single side service

Truck Air

Truck air compressor T250 front view
This lightweight, compact Truck Air range is made for integration on utility vehicles. Thanks to their lightweight design, they're compact and easy to use. Single side service and the built-in corrosion protection make a perfect fit for your utility truck, no matter where you go. We offer a complete range for you to find your perfect fit. Different options are available:
  • After cooler and water separator
  • Secondary fuel tank
  • Spark arrestor and air inlet shutdown
  • Safety cartridge
  • Cold weather starting aid (-20 °C)
  • Download library

    Product variations

    T75-7; T75-100; T110-7; T110-100; T130-7; T130-100; T175-7; T175-100; T190-7; T190-100; T190-12; T190-175; T250-7; T250-100