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Power diesel generators

CPDG and CPSG ranges

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Type of generators

CPDG range, mobile generators

CPDG generators have been designed to meet the tough demands of the construction industry. Using proven technology, sturdy design and ease of operation, the CPDG provides you with a dependable source for all your electrical power needs. With integrated forklift slots and a lifting beam, the CPDG range of generators are easy to move and designed to be highly impact resistant. Other features include easy to read gauges, easy to access maintenance points and a reinforced structure. The CPDG generators are available with a galvanized canopy. It meets applicable CE requirements for use in European markets.

Standard Features:

mobile generator

The CPDG mobile generator

• Galvanized canopy • Centrally reinforced structure • Lifting beam • Spillage free frame with forklift slots • Lockable fuel filler neck • Robust terminal board • Analogue control panel • Easy drainage of all liquids • Additional fuel filter with water separator

CPSG range, stationary generators

CPSG units are built to withstand tough working conditions, making them ideal for operators seeking a consistent source of power for 24/7 operations, across a wide variety of applications in non regulated countries or stationary applications within European market. Built with only quality components, galvanized canopies, meticulous assembly and vigorous testing, guarantee long and reliable performance. A wide variety of options provide the functionality needed to match all power demands.

Standard Features:

stationary generator

The CPSG stationary generator

• Galvanized canopy • Spillage free frame • Advanced control panel that enables users to control and operate it remotely • Lockable fuel filling cap • Easy fuel tank cleaning access to prevent damage from contaminants. • Easy drainage of all liquids • Lifting beam

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