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Portable diesel generators

CPPG range

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Discover our small portable generators


A portable generator for every one's requirements

CPPG Inverter

The day-to-day silent generator below 3kVA.

CPPG Standard

The CPPG Standard Line offers straight forward gasoline generators with all the features you need for your occasional use built right in. They are designed to deliver stable electrical output and safe, user-friendly operation over a long service life.

CPPG Professional

A generator for professionals by professionals, built for extensive and continuous use. Available with a gasoline or diesel engine, the CPPG Professional is extraordinarily versatile.

CPPG Advanced

A top-of-the-line generator for heavy, all day operation. With several standard extras, simple controls, safe operations and an extended service life, the CPPG Advanced provides supreme reliability for intensive use in tough environments. Available with a gasoline or diesel engine.

CPPG Advanced+

A sound proofed generator with the same features as the Advanced range, the CPPG Advanced+ is the perfect choice when working in noise restricted or dusty environments. The canopy not only serves as sound insulation but also protects the machine from dust.

CPPG portable generators types

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